Friday 22 April 2011


Daniel from Liv


Cyclone from Lox


Charrmy from Nawmi


Brook from Cath


Blow from Liv

Thursday 21 April 2011


Sudowoodo from Star
Sudowoodo! I love Sudowoodo so much! This guy was a 2010 christmas present from Star. He is so fun in game as he dances with his wonderful arms along with my other petz. He enjoys doing handstands which results in endless laughter.

Little Lickilicky

Little Lickilicky from Star. 


Starly from Star


Croagunk from Star
Croagunk is my favourite pokemon of all time, hence where my screename has originated from. Star kindly hexed me Croagunk and he is seriously the coolest thing ever. He runs like a Croagunk should, and he's so quirky.


Ditto from Star
Ditto is such a wonderful guy to have in my game. His movement is so jellylike and smooth, he melts into himself but always retains his ditto-ness. He also frequently makes an appearance in my petz show off pictures, because he's that awesome.


Dittbee from Star


Camerupt from Star


Bulbasaur from Star
My first Pokemon from Star! Bulbasaur has always been one of my oldest petz who commonly gets taken out of my game. The best thing is he is a persian, which happens to be my favourite breed in petz.


Bridge from Michy


Cheshire from Star
Cheshire up here is from Star. I received him on the 29th December 2009, as a Christmas present. I love this cat so much. Star's hexies are always fantastic and Cheshire is such a character. I once sported him in my PCG sig and he's one of my favourite petz.


Hello everyone! To save me the hassle of re-learning HTML, I thought I'd make a blog-crew instead. So much easier to update and manage. I've never completed a crew before. Here's to attempting it now!

I'm Croag, as you may have guessed and this is where I'll post all of my wonderful petz for you to see! Bear in mind I have never once deleted or MPA'd a pet, there may be a lot for you to look at. I hope you enjoy.

For the most part I'll just add a picture of the pet and who it is from. As I go along I may add some information about the pet so be sure to check back for any updates.
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